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Why do we offer classes specifically aimed towards teens?


The Challenges Teenagers Face Today:

Teenage years consist of constant physical, mental, and emotional change. The teenage brain and reproductive system experience dramatic shifts between ages 12-19.  The changes in reproductive and stress hormones during this time have direct affect on thoughts, decision-making, feelings, and relationships.


Combine these physical changes with class work, the pressure to fit in, and a hectic schedule and teenagers can easily find themselves feeling tired, anxious, and stressed. As they grow into their late teens, the pressure surmounts with SATS and college applications on top of classwork.


During this tumultuous time, young people begin their quests for identity. A quest that has confusing and challenging choices at each step of the way. Pressure to fit in with their peers often cause feelings of confusion, low confidence, and internal rejection.  

How Can Yoga, Meditation, & Mindfulness help?

  • Stabilize and regulate hormones

  • Improve decision making

  • Reduce anxiety and stress

  • Improve concentration

  • Improve memory

  • Develop sense of self awareness

  • Understand authentic self

  • Connect to spiritual aspect of self

  • Improve emotional intelligence

  • Increase compassion

  • Create a better future



The Solution:

Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can positively impact teenagers present lives and futures. These tools date back to ancient India, and continue to be practice because they have direct affect on our hormones. These tools regulate hormones that are responsible for our moods, nervous system, quality of sleep, focus, concentration, and even aging. The physiological benefits are plentiful, and even though we might not be able to see them physically, it is certain that they will be felt and experienced. Feelings of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty will be replaced by inner peace, security, and joy. 

These tools facilitate the journey inward, towards our authentic true selves. Through becoming aware of internal stretches of the body during yoga as well as internal thoughts during meditation, students are able to take this learned self awareness off the mat into their everyday life. Slowly becoming increasingly aware of their own passions, characteristics, strengths, and flaws that make them truly unique. At Seeking Self, we provide the safe and accepting space for teenagers to explore and express themselves authentically without any peer pressure to fit in. 

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