Explore with a curious, seeker
of her own inner world.


​Shannon is a poet, healer, and student of non-ordinary reality. She is guided each day through living the questions of her soul. These inquiries have taken her into deep solitude in the home of her body, and into the home of the Earth. She has lived and trained extensively in ancient Himalayan Hatha yoga and meditation in India. Desiring to bridge Eastern philosophy with Western thought, Shannon obtained a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2021 to become a certified psychotherapist. Her deepening spiritual path has curiously led her to a profound learning of pre-institutional religion, namely shamanism and alchemy. Shannon has been teaching spirituality in the New Jersey area and abroad since her awakening in 2016. She currently is nomadic, working on her artistic craft of the soul in Peru. She believes our inward journey, is the most important journey we take during our lifetime.