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 Unraveled by sisters of spirit and soul

Uncovered by beloved light and shadow

Your true self emerges.



I am a clinical mental health counselor, specializing in supporting spiritually inclined seekers as they navigate the depths of their truth against the grain of modern society. I assist with high sensitivity, upturned trauma, unexplainable somatic pains, attachment wounds, initiations and descents, dark nights, spiritual emergencies, and other needs that may arise on the inward path towards remembrance of who you truly are. I have found that spiritual seekers are a unique minority, often misunderstood by generalized care workers, when what they need is specialized care. 

I also specialize in supporting women from a framework that is based in women's wisdom ways, ancient and new. Given that today's modern system of psychology and religious and spiritual institutions were created from men, I have sought to cultivate an approach that is part of a deeper lineage of women's healing. This approach takes into account the female experience and body, with the intention to remember and reclaim the recovering paradigm of feminine healing.

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I commonly work with:​

  • Existential anxiety and depression

  • Women’s Issues

  • Energy & Somatic Blocks

  • Trauma

  • Spiritual emergencies

  • Highly Sensitive People, Empaths

  • Loss of purpose

  • Womb healing 

  • Life transitions & Rites of Passage (menarche, maidenhood, motherhood, divorce, career change, death, etc)

  • Chronic fatigue, IBS, immune system issues

  • Sexual, physical, emotional abuse 

My Approach

My approach is based in somatic and eco-depth psychologies.  It is interfused with spiritual influences of non-dual meditation and embodiment, old European shamanism, and women's wisdom ways.


Certifications and Qualifications

  • Masters of Science, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Red School Menstruality Mentor

  • Realization Process Healing Ground Training

  • 200 hr Himalayan Hatha Yoga and Meditation Teacher Certification

  • 20 hr Yoga and Meditation for Mental Health

About Shannon

Clinical mental health counselor, artist, and spiritual seeker

Born alongside the sea, on the coast of New Jersey, Shannon learned the language of water before she could speak.  An emotional creature, the oceanic waters taught her how to navigate her own depths and reflected back to her the dignity that can be found within shifting tides of emotional expression.


Shannon studied International Relations, with a focus on Latin America and Hispanic Studies from 2011 - 2015. During her studies she lived in Spain and Ecuador, working with human rights organizations that supported immigrants and Amazonian indigenous groups. While working for an international law firm in support of federal governments claims against multinational corporations, she experienced an awakening at 23, and subsequently traveled to India hoping to find answers.

She studied in ashrams and temples in India and greater Asia, earning a 200 hr certification in ancient Himalayan hatha yoga, and returning again for further study in 2018. Shannon taught yoga and meditation for five years, in substance and mental health centers and then gradually through Seeking Self. During this time she completed a masters of science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a focus in eco-spirituality. Her studies and connection with the ocean, led her into animism and old European shamanism, seeking connection with her own ancestral spiritual lineage. 


Upon graduating, Shannon experienced a second awakening, leading her to live in Central and South America with her partner for the next year and a half, in deep self inquiry and study of the feminine principle, Earth, embodiment and soul. Shannon and her partner, eventually returned to the States, moving to a small town nestled in the mountains of Oregon, where they now reside.

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