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Seeking Self Yoga: Hatha-Raja Yoga offers a scientific approach to the spiritual life, with techniques for stilling the mind and expanding our awareness of spiritual realities. This breath oriented practice is composed of pranayama (breathwork), hatha yoga poses, challenging vinyasa, an arm balance pose,  focused meditation, and shavasana. Students are encouraged to bring their practice inward, observing subtle sensations of the body, thoughts of the mind, and union to one's own Divinity within. 

Seaside Sacred Circle Yoga: Join our circle of sacred offering through movement, introspection, and connection to the Universe under candlelight. This class begins with a slow yoga flow to open up our bodies, followed by poses that intensify our yin, or reflective, energy.  The second half of class will bring us towards deeper understanding of ourselves, through oracle cards and journaling. This class culminates with relaxing yoga nidra or guided meditation.  (Please bring own journal).

Teen Yoga: Enjoy a community of your peers, as we take out our journals and start each class with a question geared to help us understand who we are, followed by compassionate discussion.  After exploring your thoughts, begin to explore your body. Flow through yoga postures and games that will make you feel more calm, focused, and inspire a sense of wonder. We will laugh, cultivate our inner selves, and culminate the class with a soothing guided meditation. 

Teen Yoga at the Shore:  Teenage years consist of constant physical, mental, and emotional change. Combine these changes with class work, the pressure to fit in, and a hectic schedule and you can easily find yourself feeling tired, anxious, and stressed. Tap into the combined effect of yoga and calming oceanfront to increase stability and joy through change. Weather permitting, yoga is on the boardwalk or beach. In case of cold or inclement weather, class is in the Activity Center. 

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