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What Can We Offer Adults?


The tools we offer at Seeking Self can help adults to feel deep inner peace amongst the daily responsibilities that create stress on the mind. By working on mindfulness, we become increasingly aware of what triggers our stressors and how we react to those stressors. We become aware of what we are devoting our energy to, and recognize that not all of our habits are actually worth that energy.  Instead we create focused energy, allowing us to take control of our priorities and responsibilities. This understanding of ourselves can help us alter our actions and perspectives to live more balanced, healthier, and happier lives.

At times, providing for the self and/or family, maintaining relationships, and getting all of our "To Do's" can feel overwhelming. Time feels like it's always running out and it is easy to forget our own self care.  By committing to this program, we're essentially carving out time for ourself to become re-energized, with feelings of peace and self-love. These tools will help us feel like we are no longer running on empty, because we've taken the time to balance our day with introspective, calming actions.


To those who may be going through big life changes, or challenging times in their life, creating a deeper sense of self will only help us to feel more stable and grounded. This will result in increased confidence and empowerment to steer us through any demanding experience. 

How Can Yoga, Meditation, & Mindfulness Help?

  • Reduce anxiety and stress

  • Improve decision making

  • Increase self efficiency

  • Develop deeper sense of self awareness

  • Increase confidence

  • Connect to spiritual aspect of self

  • Improve emotional intelligence

  • Improve concentration

  • Improve memory

  • Create a better Now

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